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Royal Institute of British Architecture, 29th June 2023 - Bawa's Garden Film

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa with the screening of "Bawa's Garden." This road film explores Bawa's architectural genius and his profound influence on Sri Lanka's architectural landscape. Gain insights into his design philosophy by those who have worked alongside him.

Following the screening, the director Clara Kraft Isono will participate in a Q&A session. This is a rare opportunity to engage with the director and gain deeper insights into the making of this film. For Tickets circa £12 (less for RIBA members), please click this link: Eventbrite Bawa's Garden

Discounted Stays at Jungle Tide, Hathana Hills

Sally and Jerry have halved their prices so that a double room, including breakfasts, now costs just Rs9,000/- (about £25) while the family room is available for only a little more - Rs10,000/- (£27). The single person rate is Rs7,000/- per night (about £19). Only available for direct bookings, so get in touch: We're known and appreciated for the fabulous food, the great swimming pool, birds and wildlife, mountain and village walks, and for being very family friendly. If you want to know more, visit and click on the short video on our home page.

Economic Aid to Sri Lanka, here is the link to the Hansard Transcript of the recent House of Commons debate (11th May 2023):

Professor Mike Sedgwick shares with us a copy of Shanthi Mendis's paper titled Sri Lanka Tears and Dreams of Fragile Democracy,this book is 160 pages long click here to download.

Sally Martin of Jungle Tide encourages members to post links on social media in your different forums encouraging tourism to Sri Lanka.

Professor Razeen Sally spent eight weeks travelling in Sri Lanka in 2022, just as the crisis was worsening, he shares with us two articles to give us a better insight into the scenes on the ground.... and the longer version....

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